UWP Alumni

Up with People has over 22,000 alumni from more than 100 countries. They are supported by the Up with People International Alumni Association: www.uwpiaa.org

Alumni can get involved with Camp Up with People by:

  • Serving as camp staff. We’re looking for alumni to share their Up with People experience and performing arts expertise with campers. See Employment for more information
  • Public Relations. We recognize that word of mouth is one of the most meaningful forms of marketing there is. If you know youth aged 13-17 interested in performing arts, community service and leadership with a global perspective, tell them about Camp UWP.
    • Lead them to the website and register.
    • There is also an incentive from the Up with People organization. If someone attends Camp UWP, and if they go to Up with People after they graduate
      from High School/Gymnasium, they will receive a $1,000US scholarship toward their Up with People program fee. This is in addition to the $1,000US Golden Passport offered to those recruited by an Up with People alumnus/a.
  • To download Brochure and/or Poster click on the “Get Involved” page.
  • Sponsoring a camper. Contributions of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated. Your contribution can help a child come to Camp Up with People who otherwise may not have
    been able to afford the experience
    • Credit Card: Click on the Donate Button located on each page
    • Check: Contributions can be sent to the address on the “Contact Us”
      page. Be sure to note, that it is for Camp UWP scholarships.
    • Wire: For information on how to wire your donation, please contact us at: Contact@CampUpwithPeople.org

If an UWP alumni refers someone to attend Camp Horizons, our sister camp, Camp Horizons will donate $200 to the Camp UWP Scholarship Fund

To get involved, click here!

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