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Camp Up with People is all about people, young and old, becoming responsible members of our worldwide community while enjoying life to its fullest. As a member of the camp staff you will have the opportunity to improve the quality of life for yourself and others. We are looking for people who want to work, play, and interact with young people age 13 to 17. We need people who are highly professional, talented and energetic. Our staff members come from across the United States and around the world. Half of our campers are from the United States, and half come from many countries around the world. We celebrate diversity and cherish individuality!

Camp counselors have a tremendous responsibility in overseeing the campers experience and by serving as role models. In addition to an employment contract, all staff members (and campers) sign our Community Agreement, which outlines our accepted rights and responsibilities as members of the Camp Up with People community. This agreement goes beyond our usual policies and procedures to address issues of how we view and treat others and ourselves while at camp.

Working at camp is about putting other people’s needs above your own. Previous staff members have said that working at camp was one of the hardest things they ever did, but also the most rewarding. You will learn to know yourself better, experience the infinite rewards of working with youth, and exercise your smile every day. Camp gives kids a world of good, and counselors are the ones that make this happen!


Camp Up with People is located on 10 acres in the heart of Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Located just 3 miles north of Harrisonburg, Virginia, home to both James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University, and just 15 minutes from our sister Camp….Camp Horizons where some of our outdoor activities will take place.

Camp Up with People is two hours from Washington, DC; Richmond and Roanoke, Virginia; and one hour from Winchester and Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Working at Camp

Staff Training
Camp begins with a two-week training/orientation program, with continuing training depending on your program area, followed by 6 weeks of summer camp sessions. During Staff Training you’ll learn about Camp UWP’s philosophies and policies, dealing with homesickness, camper age characteristics, and more. You’ll also get to know all of the other staff members, settle into your dorm room, and prepare your program or activity area for campers.

During Camp
Camp counselors perform dual roles at Camp UWP. All counselors are dorm counselors living in the dorm with the campers.

Counselors also have an activity department where they teach during the day. Counselors are hired for their knowledge and experience in these activity areas and teach in a specific department for the summer. These activity departments include: Music; Dance; Technical; Non-production Activities such as Cultural Presentations, Team Building, Marketing and Meal Preparation.

As counselors, you will create and participate in large, all-camp events throughout each session, such as Cast Meetings, Home Teams, etc.

Days Off
Staff members receive approximately 24 hours per week, excluding the staff weeks and last week.

Camp UWP is 5 minutes from Harrisonburg, VA., which has a mall, many restaurants, Wal-Mart, Target, a movie theater and lots of other places to visit during time off.

Staff can easily send and receive snail mail here at camp as well as buy stamps and mail packages. Faxes may be sent and received for free. Our wireless internet system also allows for use of personal laptop computers in designated areas during time off or when necessary for work purposes.


Three meals a day are served family-style at camp, as well as an evening snack. We provide a good variety of food that accommodates most tastes and food allergies. There is a vegetarian option available at each meal for staff and campers who have declared being a vegetarian on their health form. If you have specific dietary needs, please share those needs during the hiring process.

Living Accommodations
Staff members live in the dorm with campers.  The dorm has electricity, including air-conditioning and heat. Each dorm room shares a bathroom with an adjoining dorm room. Staff members may store personal snacks in the staff kitchen in the dorm. Pets are not allowed. There is not a lot of privacy during the summer, but there is the comfort of living in a cheerful, friendly community.

Staff may use the laundry facilities in the dorm to wash their clothing during designated times, or as part of the weekly laundry run done by Camp Horizons personnel.

Apply for a Camp Up with People Staff Position today!
We hire approximately 12 camp staff from around the globe each summer to serve our campers. We look for the best of the best, those that stand out among their peers. Are you interested in making a positive impact on a teenager’s life this summer? Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Do you enjoy the Performing Arts? Are you enthusiastic, hardworking, trustworthy, compassionate, willing to learn, and a team player? If so, Camp Up with People could be the place for you.

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First Aid/CPR and Lifeguard certification. If you have any of these certifications, please let us know in the hiring process. If you don’t have these, we will certify those in a counselor position in First Aid & CPR during the staff training week.


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