“Dancing – not coordinated in this area and I feel awkward trying to learn. Through repetition and encouragement from instructors/campers, I was able to accomplish a great deal and perform Gumboot!! I was very proud of myself”!“Gaining confidence in my vocal ability and looking to others to help me through the process. To be encouraged along was important to me”.Sydney – US
“I like the idea to know people from different countries and it changed my way of thinking.”Maricarmen – Mexico
“This camp was AWESOME!”“At the Via Ferrata and I learned to push through scary moments and the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.”“Because of the community service and being more aware of the world, I am currently helping another camper and starting 5 to 1 in my school and promoting awareness through falling whistles.”Emilio – US
“One thing of most importance that I learned is that you should never jump to conclusions because you might end up missing out on the most amazing experiences of your life.”“I don’t think I can actually limit myself to saying just one thing I liked about this camp. It was the most extraordinary experience I have ever been to and I have become a much, much better person because of this camp. I have made friends that I will keep forever and I know this camp will change many more lives.”Jessica – US
“Being away from my family for so long was hard at first, but then that stopped being a problem once I got to know all the other people and we got so close.”“Dancing, and going to a place where I didn’t know anyone. I learned how to meet people and how to look confident in myself.”Bryce – US
“One of the most important things I learned was that it’s important to just be yourself and have fun because people will like you for who you are and you don’t have to waste time pretending to be someone you’re not!”“I liked how close we all got, and how we went away on the weekends. I had a lot of fun in D.C and at the Via Ferrata. I enjoyed doing things I normally wouldn’t have done.”Hannah – US
“I learned that there are a lot of people supporting me even if I don’t notice it.”“I made a lot of friends from all over the world.”Alexa – Mexico
“I learn that people from all around the world can come together and be a family.”“It was the best experience of my entire life. I spent the 3 most amazing weeks with people I love, and I just want to do it again.”Christian – Ivory Coast
“I think the low ropes course was a really beneficial team building activity, and it was a lot of fun! Especially since we had to use our imaginations a little 🙂 Also, the whole Canopy Tour/Via Ferrata experience was amazing!”“Definitely the Via Ferrata, because of my extreme fear of heights but I learned that if I could stay out of my panic zone that it was possible get through it, which was very satisfying at the end. It showed me that I can do anything I set my heart on and strive for.”“In the final week when we really had to buckle down and focus, it taught us to be cooperative, respectful, and work as a team in order to put together an amazing show!”Molly – US
“If you want to know everyone and get to be close with everyone like we did, you have to put yourself out there and not be afraid to be yourself, even if you know you will leave in the end and that was very sad, you know that the happy memories are the reason you’re sad to go, not because you’re really unhappy 🙂 Also, now know about Falling Whistles, and it’s now known to me that no one really knows about it, so I’m going to buy whistles soon, and I’m going to try and raise awareness at my school so more people will learn the story :)”“I take with me the people skills that I never thought I would get yet. I also take with me the confidence and willingness to make a change. And now. Not later.”Anonymous

Parent Testimonials

“She had an amazing time! Hearing her say she wanted to come back, said it all for us! Her English improved a lot. She stands more balanced in life and faces her problems stronger”.Mireille – Belgium
“To gain the experience of meeting people from other places. To open her eyes to how big her world is and how vital her part is to making a difference. Also to give her a venue to explore performance because it is an area that she loves.It was a big growing experience for our daughter! It really boosted her confidence in who she is and what she is capable of doing. I attribute this change to the people who encouraged her. Here at home, she is a good kid and most don’t see the need to push her or encourage her because she is a good kid and doesn’t need the attention. She has always been a positive influence to so many and this camp opportunity was a chance for her to be around like minded individuals who sowed goodness into her. The first time she was able to call home, she was on the phone in tears because she felt so good about the feedback she was getting from her vocal coach. It really made me sad to know that she had to go half way across the country to be encouraged in her vocal gifts when we have so many here overlooking her need to be encouraged. I think she now understands the value of taking the time to care for another in a whole new way and I’m excited to see what she does in her community, in her school and here at home. She is so changed…ready to take on the world! A huge thank you to Camp UWP!!”Janelle – US
“I wanted my child to have an experience that I knew would be unbelievable and completely different from your standard fair of summer camps.”“I saw growth and maturity and a new found appreciation for life in general. My child even went out and decided that they would do volunteer work and have found an organization that they wanted to be a part of in making a difference in someone else’s life.”Cheryl – US
“1. A great staff that is supportive, positive and willing to go the extra mile for the campers. 2. A beautiful setting that offers many new and exciting opportunities for the campers. 3. A safe environment. 4. A well managed and thoughtful schedule.”Lisa – US
“It’s a fun way to form a healthy and responsible teenager.”“My daughter was happy and excited for being part of the camp.”Zitlalli – Mexico
“Camp UWP exceeded our expectations! The camp kept the students busy. But, it was a busy that kept them discovering themselves, each other, the world we live in, and the world of performing arts. Because of the positive environment, the kids really learned to be positive and encouraging to each other. Therefore, bonds were created in a short period of time. They really came together and became a cast in just 3 short weeks!” “He wants to travel in the UWP program when he is old enough.”Linda – US
“Our daughter acquired a great deal of self-confidence and self-esteem, in addition to forming bonds with people she would not have otherwise met. The activities were also very enriching for her.”Jay – MexicoMy son was concerned that he wouldn’t fit in based on his experiences in school and even today, he comments on the difference in the relationships formed at Camp UWP. He said there were no preconceived notions.”“He has developed a greater self-confidence as well as caring about others.”Marci – US
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