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From Our Parents

Hello Walter,

How nice to greet you! I hope you are very well and I send you a big hug, how smooth we can continue to share with you and your team the great experience we had all as a family this summer! Because it was not only Angelita who lived unforgettable things, but we were all that we learned thanks to the beautiful Campamento de Viva la Gente (CUWP) that you lead! We are very grateful to you and all those of your staff that make possible these beautiful weeks, thank you forever!

What we expected before the camp began was that Angelita had a very nice vacation and that she knew the great city of Washington!

Now that my daughter has lived the experience we have realized that the camp has many more things to give young people, it is not just a simple vacation, everything Angelita has told us we realize that it is done for them to learn values ​​of coexistence, respect, humility and Love with their peers

What we have noticed most with Agelita is that it was an experience that increased self-confidence, self-esteem and realizing that all the challenges that life proposes can be overcome!

Another change I have seen in her is that she was born with a great interest in learning the English language and wants to practice it with her new friends from the camp!

And also tells us a lot that values ​​and gives thanks for the family we are, this trip made her miss her home and we realize how she learned to appreciate her family!

There are many things that have left us this trip !, we as parents we recommend it extensively, it is a unique experience, in a wonderful place and with people of the best! Above all, we congratulate you with all our hearts and wish you success in this beautiful job

In general we think that the CUWP is a beautiful life experience for any young person around the world who wants to share with other young people their age the taste for music and singing and dancing living in a beautiful place making friends for life and learning about respect for our fellow human beings, in an environment of joy and companionship and mutual support!

Thank you for all the care you had with my Angelita and thank you for making this possible Walter, we love you and hope to see you soon God bless you and your CUWP staff!


With much affection, Mary Aragon. Famlia Garcia



First of all – a HUGE thanks for organizing such a great camp. Both Arnauld and Maddy were DELIGHTED, and they still are. No day passes without both of them telling enthusiastic anecdotes about CUWP. They just loved the experience, and are already asking to attend again next year.


As requested, here are a couple of reflections on the questions you asked.

  1. What were your expectations of CUWP before camp began?
    When we spoke about CUWP to the children, we saw the opportunity for them to (1) travel to the States, (2) be in touch with a diverse group of international people, (3) do some volunteering work and (4) prepare a real show and bring it live to an audience. In short: fun holidays, with a purpose.
  2. What awareness have you had about CUWP now that it has ended?
    CUWP truly helps young people grow. I had imagined the international atmosphere, the volunteering work, and the show performance would provide for rich experiences. But I had never thought the campers would have such deep conversations about life’s joys & sorrows (and how to deal with them). I had not at all anticipated that the connections amongst the campers would be so deep. I had definitely not expected the staff would expect so much discipline and quality for the show (with consequence management if campers didn’t meet expectations). Such valuable life lessons!
  3. What if anything have you discovered or noticed about your children after attending CUWP?
    I was utterly AMAZED at seeing my son dance during the show (and I was impressed at the level reached at the end of the camp). Now, after camp, I notice he’s also becoming interested in other new topics (such as drawing). The camp clearly nurtured his curiosity and desire to learn more about new topics!
    My daughter came back completely thrilled – and her self confidence seems to have grown during camp.
  4. What was your opinion about the experience overall?
    The experience was beyond expectations – and I am a ‘raving fan’, and don’t stop talking about CUWP with friends and family. Such a rich experience for youngsters between 13 and 17!
  5. What will you children take away from their experience that they will be able to use through-out their life?
    Future will tell what the impact will be over time. But I can very well imagine that they won’t forget the discussions about the joys & sorrows so many young people live in life; they won’t forget the power of connecting deeply; they won’t forget the power of discipline and striving for excellence; and they won’t forget the power of having fun!

With kind regards,

Anne-Marie Demoucelle


CUWP in Harrisonburg VA far exceeded our expectations both summers that our grandson attended.  There is a fine balance between service work, camp activities, musical theatre exposure and rehearsal, and personal and community growth.  Hooray for creating space to grow and to learn without access to all those screens!  Hooray for all the outdoor activities!  Hooray for creating a fantastic show in only three weeks of half day preps –  a feat noted by a theatre friend who works with high school students.  The personal involvement and encouragement for the campers by the professional theatre staff and by the camp staff is remarkable.  Both summers the rapport, respect, and joy in one another was so apparent among the campers and staff and between the campers and the staff.  We applaud the messages and themes of hope, personal commitment and involvement, and cross-cultural learning so apparent in many activities and in the shows.  Our grandson is more committed to learning about his world, even more passionate about advocating for what is right and good, and is more confident in analyzing future plans and taking the initiative.  We will always be grateful for CUWP and what it provided for our young person.

Katherine Chase

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